Quality Arc Stud Welding Supplier and Manufacturer
Panchsheel Fasteners an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company is a leading manufacturers of fasteners and allied products. The Products Manufactured are exported across the globe apart from having a strong foothold in the domestic market.

Channel of Distribution is a blend of Direct Marketing and dedicated team of dealers who are located in close vicinity of the consumer. The company is very popular and reputed amongst its customers as it provides complete solution to there fastening problems. It always works in close harness with its customers through its extraordinary and skilled team of human resources.

The company has a profound knowledge of the psyche of the fasteners prospect as it is in business for more than three decades now. The experience (about fasteners) it has gained over a period of time is formidable. The company deeply knows the needs, wants, desires of it's customers and is familiar with all the parameters and variables (reach, delivery schedules, quality, service) to spear head in the fasteners business and it doesn't compromise on any of these fronts.

Direct selling is only done to institutional customers or projects where the requirement is in bulk and there policy is to deal directly with the manufacturer as the customer has the conviction that only a manufacturer can stand by his product and the quality that he produces.

The company strictly complies with the strictest quality standards and believes in delighting the customer. Everyone at Panchsheel strives for excellence and accepts new challenges gracefully, which is the mission of our foresighted Managing Director. The company is leapfrogging on the path of success since its inception.