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Nelson Stud Welding, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of stud welding equipment, studs, and accessories. Nelson provides full services including stud and fastener manufacturing, ceramic arc shields, equipment, product development, application development, and technical support. We, as qualified stocking distributors provide trained sales personnel and onsite technicians. A full certificate of compliance to codes (AWS D1.1, AWS D1.5, AWS D1.6, BS-5950, ISO 13918 and ISO-14555) and material certification (CMTR) is provided with each stud shipment.

Nelson stud welding is widely used in construction (industrial & commercial buildings, bridges, power generating structures, military structures, precast/ prestressed concrete, retrofitting), ship building, rail & locomotives, transformers etc.

Since its inception, Nelson stud welding has matured into most efficient and versatile fastening methods. The process is extremely fast, dependable means of end-welding steel, stainless steel, or aluminum projections in a split second. With the squeeze of a trigger, a rugged, secure stud attachment is accomplished.  Typically, following benefits accrue due to usage of Nelson stud fasteners:

  • Reliable fastening without holes
  • No leakage or corrosion caused by leakage
  • Lower inventory and tooling cost
  • Greater structural strength
  • More design freedom
  • Fewer assembly steps, no punching, drilling tapping, riveting, staking, spot welding
  • Substantial saving in labour cost/ total man hours on the job
  • Reduced material handling  
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Application: Construction, Industrial and Automotive
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